Wednesday, October 1, 2008

LG (GSA-E50L) EXT Slim 8X+/8X- DL 8X+/6X- LS DVDRW Retail

LG GSA-E50L External Optical Slim Portable DVD RW Black with Lightscribe

The LG GSA-E50L Slimline EXTERNAL DVD Burner is the super multi rewritter compatible with all the three re-writtable DVD format: DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, and DVD-RAM. It also

features SecurDisc and lightscribe labelling. (The main difference between LG E50N and E50L is the former does not support lightscribe direct disc labelling). SecureDisc

provides data protection and content access control on media through an optical drive-software combined solution. With the ability to store data redundantly and digitally

authenticating data, SecurDisc™ provides professional and private users with the means necessary to protect and share data securely. LightScribe is a laser printing technology

on the exclusive LightScribe disc. It provides a complete, convenient, cost-effective system for labeling discs. Simply “burn” the data to a LightScribe disc, flip the disc

over, place it back in the drive, and “burn” the label.

LG GSA-E50L DVDRW Key Features
  • SecurDisc™ Technology

  • Max. 8x DVD±R Write Speed

  • Max. 5x DVD-RAM Write Speed

  • USB Powered, No AC Adapter Needed

  • Supports Double Layer DVD+R, Dual Layer DVD-R Discs (8.5GB)

  • 2MB Cache Buffer with Buffer Under-run Protection

  • LightScribe let you direct label your DVD in the burner

  • USB 2.0 High Speed Interface; Bus powered, extra USB power cable included in the package

Key Specifications of ]LG GSA-E50L DVDRW

  • Supported discs:
    DVD-ROM (Single/Dual) • DVD-R • DVD-R Dual Layer • DVD-RW • DVD-RAM • DVD+R • DVD+R Double Layer • DVD+RW • CD-ROM • CD-ROM XA • CD-I • Photo-CD Multi-Session
    Video-CD • CD-Audio Disc • Mixed Mode CD-ROM Disc • CD-Extra • CD-Text • CD-R • CD-RW •

  • Write speed
    DVD-R 2x/4x/8x; DVD-R DL 2x/4x/6x; DVD-RW 1x/2x/4x/6x; DVD-RAM 2x/3x/5x; DVD+R 2.4x/4x/8x; DVD+R DL 2.4x/4x/6x; DVD+RW 2.4x/4x/6x/8x; CD-R 10x/16x/24x; CD-RW 4x/10x/16x;

  • Read speed
    DVD-R/RW/ROM 8x/8x/8x max.; DVD-R DL 6x max.; DVD-RAM (Ver. 1.0) 2x max.; DVD-RAM (Ver. 2.2) 2x/3x/5x max.; DVD-Video (CSS Compliant Disc) 4x max.; DVD+R/+RW 8x/8x max.; DVD+R

    DL 6x max.; CD-R/RW/ROM 24x/24x/24x max.; CD-DA (DAE) 24x max.;

  • Data transfer rate DVD-ROM 11.08 MB/s (12x) max. CD-ROM 3,600 KB/s (32x) max.

  • Average access time DVD-ROM 160 msec (Typical) CD-ROM 140 msec (Typical)

  • Buffer Capacity 2 Mbytes

  • Writing methods
    DVD-R Disc-at-once / Incremental Recording; DVD-R DL Disc-at-once / Format 4; DVD-RW Disc-at-once / Incremental Recording / Restricted Overwrite; DVD-RAM Random Write; DVD+R

    Sequential Recording; DVD+RL Sequential Recording; DVD+RW Random Write; CD Disc-at-once, Track-at-once, Session-at-once, Packet Write

  • Lightscribe label printing
    Pixel Resolution 600(DPI); Track Resolution 500~1600 (TPI); Linear Velocity 0.25 ~ 1.40 (m/sec); Color Monochrome

  • All-in-one software included
    • Nero™ Recording Software (Nero Express, InCD)
    • Cyberlink’s Authoring & Playback Software (PowerProducer, PowerDVD)

  • System requirements
    OS: Windows® Vista™; Windows® XP Professional Windows® XP Media Center Edition; Windows® 2000 Professional
    CPU: Pentium® III 1.0GHz or Higher

  • Interface USB 2.0

  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 15.6 x 16.5 x 2.1 cm / 6.14" x 6.50" x 0.84"

  • Weight 380g / 0.84 lbs.

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