Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Atx Power Supply Unit 700w 12 Volt Computer PSU Atx-700

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Atx 700W power supply unit specifications:

- Switching power supply

- Maximum power output: 700W

+ +3.3V: 35A

+ +5V: 35A

+ +12V1: 15A

+ +12V2: 19A

+ -12V: 0.3A

+ +5Vsb: 2A

- Fans: 1x 120mm

Atx 700W power supply unit connectors:

- 1x 20 + 4-Pin Molex ATX Power Connector

- 1x 4-Pin Molex P4 12V Power Connector

- 6x 4-Pin Molex Connector

- 2x SATA

- 1x 6-Pin PCI-Express

- 1x 4-Pin Berg Connector

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