Friday, October 10, 2008

Elixir memory | Elixir computer memory ddr pc3200 | Elixir Ram

DCL Store - Try to experience the razor's edge of technology embedded Elixir computer memory. Pay the low-cost price for Elixir memory, Elixir ddr pc3200 memory 512mb 400Mhz.

Elixir is one of the worlds leading developers and manufacturers of high-performance dynamic random access memory (DRAM). This PC-3200 Elixir ddr ram will run at bus speeds up to 400MHz, taking your PC's performance to the next level.

Elixir memory specifications:
  • Access time (ns): 5

  • Bus speed (mhz): 400

  • Size (mb): 512

  • Speed: PC3200

  • Type: 184pin DDR Memory

  • Voltag: 2.6

  • Cas: 200MHz (5ns @ CL = 3), 166MHz (6ns @ CL = 2.5)

  • Ecc: Non-ECC

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